Come Meet Jesus

Out beyond the “cultural wars” is the Jesus whom everyone admires, but too few of us really know. This year, Come Meet Jesus as he is in the Scriptures. Our year-long theme will look closely at the four Gospels of the New Testament:

  • Who is Jesus and why is he doing these things (Mark)? 
  • This Jesus teaches a way of wisdom and mystery (Matthew). 
  • This Jesus models a way of love and justice (Luke).
  • This Jesus shows us a life deeply connected to God (John).

We will Explore Faith, Experience Spirit, and Put It Into Action


We will Explore Faith and Experience Spirit in our worship services by encountering Jesus up close and personal. The journey started in the Gospel of MarkWho is this guy, and why is he doing all this crazy stuff? We continued with the Gospel of Matthew featuring Jesus teaching a way of wisdom and mystery. Now, we are in the Gospel of Luke with Jesus modeling a way of love and justice. 

  • May 31 - Luke 15 "Finder of Lost Things"
  • June 7 - John 1:1-34 "Word Into Flesh"
  • June 14 - John 3:1-20 "Born from Above"
  • June 21 - John 4:1-42 "Living Water, Living Worship


Questions? Want more information? Don't hesitate to call the church office at 208-232-1353 or contact Pastor Craig at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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